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I defaulted on the Night On Fic Mountain challenge. Not because the fic wasn’t coming along but because I completely messed up the dates and thought June 21 was the last day to put up the fic, instead of being the day it was revealed. I realised this only a day before the default-cut off, thankfully. I still have a half-finished fic, so I shall try to pull myself together and finish and gift it later. And I don’t think I shall sign up on Rarepair either because I know I always write less during summer.

But I was gifted by delightful little story, and I highly recommend you to read it!

Title: A Meeting of Curious Minds
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Rating: All ages
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 1370
Characters: John Childermas, Emma Pole, Arabella Strange
Warnings: None
Summary: 2 July, 1817

Mr Childermass,

I require your assistance in a matter of urgency and grave importance. Please come to no. 9 Harley-street at your earliest convenience. Mr Vinculus need not attend.

Your obedient servant,

Lady Pole


Jun. 21st, 2017 06:49 pm
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What I’ve done today:

Looked at the pieces of a cross-stitch bag I made 20 years ago, but couldn’t figure out how to sew together. In my effort to finish my sewing UFO’s I have decided to do them by age. After this hiatus I at once spotted a mistake I had done in sewing the shoulder strap together, and when this was unpicked, it is suddenly clear how it should all go together. Duh!

Watered the plants on the balcony and puzzled over a mystery plant in a pot there should only be a rose. I’m very pleased with having a nice balcony, after only seven years. Nils is less pleased.- he is used as having the balcony without humans.

Helped a friend compile a source list over historical corsetry and makeup facts to bust someone who had posted a long faulty article on a FB-group and then claimed it must be true because they found the information on the Net. Le sigh.

Also, worked.
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Title: Super Terram
Rating: All ages
Genre: Ghost story
Word Count: 884 words
Summary: Don’t disturb the dead.
AN: I have been re-reading M. R. James recently, and this story is a homage to him. It’s also the first work of original fiction I have written in years. I feel oddly nervous about posting this, so I’d be more than happy to hear what you think of it!

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Done! This has been so much fun! And I have a new shiny playlist on Spotify with all the music you have shared!

Day Thirty: A Song That Reminds You of Yourself

Well, there has been a number over the years…

And I couldn’t find this song on Youtube, but you can listen to it on Spotify:
Eva Dahlgren’s Mitt Liv (“My Life”)

I’ll bore you with the translated lyrics here, but I love the melody too.

In a backbeat my thoughts are dancing/On all too slippery floors/Neither laziness nor knowledge/Can steer them

My life/Once upon a time/My life

A motley collection of people/Lives in my mind/Fight for me rebel/Let yourself conquer me

My life/Once upon a time/My life

On fields of dandelions and thorns/A girl is dancing a strange waltz/Round and round and round in circles/But always on her way towards a goal

My life/Once upon a time/My life

Only my life

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Day Twenty-Nine: A Song From Your Childhood

This is really difficult, as music was a very important part of my childhood, but in many ways this song picks up several of the musical things I loved as a child. First, it was written for a comedy called The Apple-War from 1971. It was written, directed and acted by one of Sweden’s most popular comedy duo’s; Hasse Alfredson and Tage Danielsson, who, combined and apart made a lot of music, books, movies and shows I loved as a child- and still love. The Apple-War took a firm stand against globalization and pollution before it became a trend, and it was very much part of my childhood.

It’s a bit of an odd movie, really, the plot a mix of the aforementioned criticism and fairy tale. The idyllic village Änglamark (Angel’s Ground) are being threatened by a multinational industry which will destroy the beautiful nature. The grocer’s errand boy becomes a somewhat unlikely hero when he seeks the help of the family Lindberg. They are all supernatural in some way; witches, giants or elves, and are recognized by a mole on their cheek. In the end the errand boy has both slayed the dragon , defeated the multinational company and also won the love of the prettiest witch.

Throughout the movie, the songs of Vert Taube was used. He was a Swedish songwriter, whose lyrics often had a strong nautical theme, but also wrote a lot of beautiful songs about the Swedish summers and it's beautiful nature. He was very old when this movie was made, but he wrote a song especially for it; this song I share here. I was also performed by his son Sven-Bertil, who made a lot of records my father, and by default also I, listened to in the seventies.

Also, the pretty witch was played by Monica Zetterlund, who probably is my favourite Swedish singer of all time.

Call it Angel’s Ground, or Heaven on Earth/If you want/The soil we inherited and the beautiful groves/Wild roses, pennyworth, linden flowers and chamomile/Let them live/They are so wonderful

Let the children dance like angels around maple and elm/lay hide-and-seek among flowering branches/Let birds live and sing their hymns for us/Let fishes swim among bridges and stone/Stop the slaughter of the animals in the forests´/Let the eagles fly and deers run free/Let the last river roar in our terrain/Continue to roar among fells, spruce and pine
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Title: Falling
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 1444
Chapters: 2/3
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont.
Warnings: Pregnancy, if you feel that warrants a warning.
Summary: Sophie’s relation with Fabien has consequences. A sequel to A Bewildered Heart

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Day Twenty-Eight: A Song By An Artist With A Voice You Love

I know I have posted this before, but I love Jenny’s voice, and I especially love this video as both of the nurses are friends of mine.

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Day Twenty-Seven: A Song That Breaks Your Heart

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Day Twenty-Six: A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

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Day Twenty-Five: A Song By An Artist No Longer Living

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Day Twenty-Four: A Song By A Band You Wish Were Still Together

I don’t know if I wish for that. A band can stay together too long, in my opinion. So let’s just take a band I liked, which isn’t together anymore.

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Day Twenty-Three: A Song You Think Everybody Should Listen To

Tricky question, isn’t it? What you like when it comes to music, as in scents, are highly subjective, after all. What I love, you may hate. So I fall back to a song I love, because of course I think everyone should listen to a song like that. :)

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Day Twenty-Two: A Song That Moves You Forward

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I don’t really have the time for this right now, but I’ve noticed it popping up at my f-list, and couldn’t resist.

List the first five (or so) lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns.

In order of newest first:

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Well, I would say that most, as in seventeen fics, start of with a mention of the main character by name, and a short description of mood, action or looks. The Raven King’s Ball differs a little as it has an ensemble cast, and Born Anew as the main character’s name isn’t mentioned at once. Apart from those fics, two starts with dialogue, and one is written as a letter. I feel Professor Keller and Julaina and John starts of a bit awkwardly- the writing improves later on. I’m partial to the opening lines of Ghosts and Arabella’s Visit. :) But I’m usually pleased with my beginnings- it’s the endings which are my downfall!

It’s also obvious how hopelessly multi-fannish I am, as those twenty fics are in twelve fandoms.
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Day Twenty: A Song That Has Many Meanings For You

I can’t think of any, so I simply took one which has meaning for me.

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Again, thank you everyone who commented on my last post! And yes, I sew everything myself. :)

Day Nineteen: A Song That Makes You Think About Life

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Day Eighteen: A Song From the Year You Were Born

Which would be 1971.

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Day Sixteen: One of Your Favourite Classical Songs

What is the definition of a classical song, really? But my father used to play John Dowland on guitar, and I love his music. So:

Day Seventeen: A Song That You Would Sing As A Duet On Karaoke

I’ve never sung karaoke in my life, and doing it as a duet seems even more unlikely.
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Day Fourteen: A Song That You Would Love Have Played On Your Wedding

I draw the conclusion that the maker of this meme is not married, and couldn’t fathom that a person who was actually born in the 70’s would do this meme. I didn’t have a song played at my wedding, because we sneakily married without telling anyone. However, I had this silly song in my head the whole day.

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Day Thirteen: One of Your Favourite 70’s Songs

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