Apr. 25th, 2017

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Day Three: A Song Which Reminds You of Summertimee.

During six years in the 90’s we lived in the countryside. The house was old, built in 1850, and was part of a manor house estate. Originally it housed farmworkers, and though small, it had two apartments. Ex and I lived in one, my husband, who wasn’t my husband then, of course, and his then girlfriend Mona lived in the other one. We loved living there, but when the kid came along it became too cramped. The house, which was called “Lugnet” (The Calm), was surrounded by barley fields, and this songs always evoke summer evenings in our garden, surrounded by these acres of golden barley. Drinking wine, talking, watching Mona’s horse, wander the garden, and generally having a lovely time.

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This week i decided to make peace Versailles, and consequently enjoyed it immensely. And really, most of the things which has irked me, are really only something that (may) annoy you if you know the history, and the real characters of the people. Because let me tell you, the only characters who isn’t wildly out of character at this point are Liselotte and Madame de Montespan. But I buy it, because I love the actors are great, and their acting sell it all to me, even if I know it’s wrong.

I also realise I have expected too much of the show vis a vis the Affair of Poisons. You see, it was HUGE. As in going on for almost a decade and involving hundreds of people. It started out when a woman called Brinvilliers poisoned several members of her family, shocking France because she was both beautiful and upper class. The belief that your outer circumstances like looks and social class, said something about your character, was something widely held back then. And eventually, more and more people were implicated, and as time went, more and more people at court were dragged into it. Louis XIV, who initially was very much for finding all the guilty ones, got a bit of cold feet then. And when the accusations reached Madame de Montespan, he put the lid on it. Parts of the evidence was destroyed, though what was left were enough to executed. And a whole bunch of people who were innocent, but friends and family to the executed, were sent to prison for life, and forbidden to ever speak again. Madame de Montespan was never convicted of anything, but she was sent to a convent. It seems fairly certain there were some burning hot things the king really didn’t want the public to know about. And all this is beyond the scope of Versailles, and I should have realised that- it was just that I would have loved to see the whole, intricate affair being made into TV. But it was so complicated it would need a different kind of show altogether. Versalles focus on Louis XIV, and but necessity the whole thing must be made smaller and more intimate.

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As the kid is with his father, we can’t watch Doctor Who<7i> until next Wednesday. We also can’t start with American Gods, which starts on Sunday, until then. I’m very excited over that show!

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