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This was fun! If anyone wants to ask about another fic, here is the original post.

[personal profile] lost_spook asked about But A Dream; a Victoria-fic which I wrote after watching the show. I thought it was pretty adorable, and having been a fan of Rufus Sewell for twenty years, or so, made it very easy to crush a little on Lord Melbourne. I’ve forgotten where I got the title from. (I haven’t copied the whole fic below, only bits I had something to say about.)

Lord Melbourne has a daydream he indulges in now and then. It’s an innocent dream which harms no one. In it his Queen decides to never marry. She will rule her country in splendour, but alone, growing wiser and greater. Though not a wife, she will be content with being the mother of an empire. In this dream he will stay at her side forever. Her trusted advisor, her friend and protector. Her lifelong companion, the man she cannot do without. The thought of spending his remaining days in her shadow is blissful.

The idea of this fic was to write something that might have happened. There are views that Victoria was unconsciously sexually attracted to Melbourne, and he, in turn, was a bit of a ladies man. He might very well have been attracted to her in return. But I don’t think it ever crossed their minds to do something about it. But perhaps daydream a little.

Victoria is not a great beauty. She possesses the fresh prettiness of youth and she has a charming directness about her which makes her appealing. She is short and slender, but she devours her meals with a hearty appetite, which indicate she may become quite stout in a few years time. An attractive young woman, in short, but nothing out of the ordinary. Caroline had been exquisite, a delicate porcelain doll, and he had loved her dearly. But their marriage had only made them miserable. His wife had been frail, in body and mind, and time had deteriorated both into a shadow of the radiant girl he had married.

Pretty much taken from life. Victoria was quite attractive as a young woman, but she was never beautiful. And Caroline Lamb had bot mental and physical problems. She and Melbourne did marry for love, even if she ran off with Lord Byron later. There was a lot more on Caroline at first, but it was all cut out.

But there is nothing delicate about Victoria. There are those who insist she has a nervous constitution, unable to make up her own mind. The claim is ridiculous, especially when it comes from those who actually know her. There is a robustness about her, in frame as well as mind. It’s true she is thoughtless, willful and passionate, but it is merely youth, not character flaws. He can lament her lack of education, but her quick mind grows and learn by the day. It’s everything about her that he loves. How she looks, the way she moves. Her keen brain, her energy, her eyes, which shines with intelligence and render her more attractive than any other woman he has ever known.

I thought it quite likely that all the ways Victoria was unlike his wife, could have been a reason to be attracted to her.

The thought of being the man who teaches her about the joys of the flesh makes him shiver in a way more befitting a much younger man. His reflections grow chaotic, images of white limbs and a plump bosom tumbling through his mind.

On the first draft is was explicit Lord M masturbates at this point. I prefer this version where it’s only in the undertext.

His beloved Victoria will marry, one of those suitable princes her family shakes up from all corners of Europe. Then she will transfer her misguided and mostly unconscious feelings for him into the love of a husband. She will blossom into full womanhood and he, he will fade away. It’s the natural and proper way. It’s the only way.

Obviously she did.
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