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I’m in a good place writing wise right now. Which, in part, has to do with feeling a little fragile. I’ve always found writing good for the soul. And I’m stretching myself a bit, which is nice. I wrote that little ghost story which is the first piece of original fiction I’ve written in years. And I started a new versailles-fic. I never intended to write a series, but somehow it became one. And it’s interesting to write a love-story, because it’s something I only did for the first time last year. And it’s also interesting to try to make a relationship which is extremely unequal to begin with into something which isn’t, without losing the characters. It’s also great fun in writing a female protagonist with her own sexual agenda, because that is something I find rather lacking in fanfic. Especially in a BDSM context. And from a purely selfish standpoint it’s really nice to write something people actually comments on. Which, when I think about it, probably has more to do of me for once writing in both a semi-popular fandom, and a popular pairing. Or rather, a pairing a lot of people say they love, but basically only I write. So the fics would probably get attention no matter what.

I plan to sign up to The Darkest Night, but it’s a while yet- nominations are open to July 23. Remix Me seems to have withered and died, but there is a new Remix challenge rising; Remix Revival. I’ve already signed up, and there is plenty of time to mull it over if you are uncertain, as sign-ups close on July 30.

I have been following some of the comments on the new Doctor. At least in my corners of the net the reaction have been more positive than negative, which is nice. I find it a bit hilarious to read the petulant ones which say they can’t change the Doctor’s sex, he has always been a man, and what’s next, will they change the sex of [insert popular male character]? But though the Doctor, obviously, haven’t been female before, he is, and has always been, a character who changes. Every new regeneration means a profound change. Change is an integral part of this show, much more so than any other show. And really, what is the worst thing that can happen? If the new Doctor doesn’t work, well, we all know there is a new regeneration coming, sooner or later, so then we will just se it sooner.

After mulling it over I’m much more delighted than I thought it would be. But then I was never against a female Doctor, I just didn’t particular want one. Looking for my reasons for that makes me realise that this reluctance has more to do with a fear the writers won’t be able to translate the essential Doctor-ness with an actress, than it being an actress. I’ve no doubt our new Doctor has the acting chops, and if just the writing will work, I think she will be splendid!

I hope we will get Bill back, somehow- but I really hope we will not have her getting a crush on the Doctor now. I’m tired of companions mooning over the Doctor. I’m pretty sure we will have a male companion anyhow, as part of the companion’s job is to provide additional gender for the viewer to identify with.

I also want the Master back. I’m completely sure Missy got some extra regeneration energy from the Doctor when they clasped hands. As I love Missy I wouldn’t mind if this means she just doesn’t die, but it’s always interesting with a new Master too. I also think it could be possible to bring back Simm!Master again, setting his timeline somewhere earlier than before he met Missy and Twelve.

With Chibnall I also wonder if we'll get some Torchwood-centric plots. Especially if Torchwood will be re-booted. I’d like that. But I want UNIT back too! I want to see Thirteen and Kate and the Osgoods together! But I guess it's too much to ask to get River back.

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