Jan. 5th, 2017

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Day 04

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them. Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!"

Well, I’m (very slowly) working through the comment on this challenge, and comment when I have something to say, regardless if it is a person I know, or not.

Day 5

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I love reccing and try to do it at least semi-regularly. If you want more recs you can find multifandom recs here.

Title: Atonement
Author: LadyOfGlencairn
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 5403
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont
Warnings: None
Summary: Sophie de Clermont has no money, no family and no prospects. Desperate to save herself from squalor she offers herself to Fabien Marchal, head of the king's personal guard, in exchange for his protection. A dangerous, emotionless and solitary figure, Fabien trusts no one. Rejecting Sophie's offer, he makes one of his own - the consequences of which he could never have foreseen.
AN: I’m sure the show won’t go there- this pairing can’t possibly be anything that dysfunctional, but I like it nevertheless. I like it anyway and was very happy to find this fic which is well-written and the characters in character. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this fic is 50% of all fics written with this pairing, and the other 50% is mine.

Title: Two Fisted
Author: Missy
Fandom: The Mummy, Indiana Jones
Rating: Teen and up
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 560
Characters/pairing: Marion Ravenwood, Evy Carnahan O'Connell
Warnings: None
Summary: Evy walks into Marion's bar. The experience is educational for both women.
AN: I don’t read crossovers much, mostly because it demands knowledge and ability to write two fandoms at once. This one is perfect, though. Exactly as I would imagine a meeting between these two to turn out.

Title: The Broken Hearts Case
Author: smilebackwards
Fandom: Miss Marple
Rating: All ages
Genre: Crime
Word Count: 1830
Characters/pairing: Miss Marple, Dolly Bantry, OFC
Warnings: None
Summary: Very distressing things happen in villages sometimes and Market Holbrooke is no exception. Miss Marple is on the case.
AN: This is a Miss Marple story Agatha Christie never wrote. Very enjoyable!

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