Apr. 30th, 2017

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Day Seven: A Song To Drive To.

I don’t drive. But this is a song I connect with driving. When I was twenty, a friend of mine, her boyfriend and I made a roadtrip in the part of Sweden called Värmalnd. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of Sweden, both hilly and filled with forests, on the border to Norway. There is something magical about it. It wasn’t my first holiday as an adult- I had been to then Yugoslavia the year before, but somehow driving around in that car, doing whatever we wanted that particular day, felt both very grown up, and also very free. The boyfriend was a huge fan of Marillion and Fish, and this CD was on loop in his car the whole trip.

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April is coming to an end, and it’s time to sum up my month.

Health So-so. I’ve had some kind of low-level cold for almost ten days, which left me tired and mopey. So I haven't moved around as much as I planned, but I also signed up for “summer term” for belly dancing. Only five lessons, throughout May and early June. And I’ll sign up again in the Autumn.

Economy I have no problems not buying unnecessary things in general, but I have a big problem not buying books. I need to shape up when it comes to that!

Home I’ve come to a point in my sorting when I need to enlist husband. He is perfectly willing in theory. In practice he always feel we could do it another day… But I re-potted the plants, and they didn’t die from the shock of suddenly actually having earth in their pots and not just their own root system.

Writing I finished two WIP’s this month! Yay! My Versailles-fic has got a lot of really nice comments, which is, well, nice. Professor Keller, to my complete surprise, actually rendered a comment on ff.net. I’m so used thinking no one is interested in it, which makes a comment on it even nicer. I also managed to get an idea for my Night On Fic Mountain assignment and has written a synopsis and about 400 words on it. It isn’t due until Midsummer, so I’m not worried.

I also have three WIP’s left. I’m not sure if I should concentrate on the oldest or the newest. The newest is easiest because the idea is still fresh on my mind. The oldests is old, I started it in 2005, and I have the whole thing plotted out, and I still like it a lot and would like to finish it. The problem is that I feel my writing is vastly better now, and I think I would need to rewrite the whole thing before I start add chapters. Right now I’m dithering whether I should just edit the chapters quietly, or pull it from AO3 and ff.net and post it anew when the thing is actually finished. In all probability no one will noticed much, as the fandom I write it in is pretty dead.

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