Jan. 22nd, 2019

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As Timeless made me notice I Goran Višnjić have made a point in checking him out in other movies/shows:

The Deep End with Tilda Swinton was a rather odd movie about a middle-aged wife and mother who gets blackmailed by Višnjić character Alek, who starts to feel sympathy for his victim. Swinton was good- she always is, but as we never get any background or motivations for Alek, apart, possibly, being blackmailed himself, he remains flat. As I know the actor can do so much better I guess it was a conscious decision from the director- perhaps for mystery, but it didn’t work.

Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. I remember considering watching this movie when it came because the story about two sisters from a family of witches appealed to me, but I somehow never got round to it. I’ve read some rather negative reviews, but I loved it. I can’t help wondering if some of the negativity is because this movie really is about sisters and the power of women working together, with the sister’s love interest being decidedly second place.

Pan Am I never watched this show when it came because Missy, who was my baby sitter when I was a kid, told me her SiL worked for Pan Am in the ’60s and was interviewed for this show- and she was so disappointed in it. But somewhat to my surprise I really loved it now when I’ve seen it. I’m sure it’s more glamorous than it really was, and no one smokes, but it’s gorgeous and well-acted. It takes place in 1963 and as the name suggests it’s about Pan Am, or rather about the crew on one of the planes. It’s an ensemble cast, but with ´four female and two male characters the focus still lands on the women, who also are a lot more interesting than the male characters. Kate, who starts to work for CIA as a courier, her sister Laura who ran away from her wedding, French Colette who still deals with the trauma of the German occupation and the murder of her parents and Maggie who doesn’t deal well with authority. Goran Višnjić plays a Yugoslavian diplomat who has a love affair with Kate, and he does it very well, though only in a few episodes. Unfortunately, the season ends with a lot of loose threads and then it was canceled. I’m miffed. Very miffed.

Crossing Lines, a crime show about a multi-national investigation group located in Hague, and solving crimes all over Europe. I haven’t actually seen Višnjić in it yet as he doesn’t show up until season 3, but I enjoy it. No gruesome corpses and plotlines which sometimes is quite unexpected.

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