Date: 2019-01-22 10:11 am (UTC)
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Oh, dear, a nasty piece of work then! No wonder I didn't realise it was him.

Yes, it's great fun to find new things. I'm very impressed by his acting skills. Besides thinking he is very handsome.

Prettiness & talent are not always mutually exclusive, which is very nice when it happens. :-D

(I didn't comment on your other post because actually I like Timeless and everybody in it and I like Flynn/Lucy as a fanfic thing and Wyatt/Lucy for canon and I didn't want to get eaten alive, as apparently liking all the things is not allowed any more? i had to unfollow the comm because it was all complaints and ship wars and I just wanted to enjoy my silly/pretty time travelling shenanigans!! However, I have since started watching the Clone Wars and Matt Lanter (Wyatt) is Anakin Skywalker, which amuses me no end for some reason. I got stopped though, because I decided to watch them, they were all cheap AND THEN star wars had the cheek to announce a new season and then all the boxsets second hand prices shot up, stranding me in S2. I think they did it on purpose, heh. they knew!)

But anyway, babbling aside, Goran Višnjić was definitely one of the more memorable bits of the show! I'm just intrigued now that I had already seen him before and had no idea.

I remember being kind of vaguely curious about Pan Am when it was on, but I never actually watched any.
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