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Not much has happened. February isn’t my favourite month- I’m very tired of winter by now. Though most of the snow has melted away, everything is in dreary greys and everything is muddy. The dogs are incredibly dirty, and every walk has to end with the dreaded towel. I don’t know why being gently toweled is such a big deal, but they behave like I’m whipping them with it.

I had a week off from work, but it didn’t take- I was as tired when I got back to work as I was before. I still think I’m mentally behind from everything that happened last year.

I had a session with a PT and he helped me log in to a very nifty thing. It’s eight machines which go through all the major muscles, and when I log in the computer send me to one machine and it automatically reset itself to suit my height and weight resistance. After 46 sec of lifting I have 30 sec to move to the next machine and after two rounds I’m automatically logged off. I imagine all this are much too wishy-washy for hardcore people, but I’m just beginning. I also find training very boring and it helps hugely with my motivation of going that I know I don’t have to bother with the fiddly bits around the actual training.

I, Myra and Magdalene go together on Sunday to help each other fitting our Robe à la françaises. They are a bore to fit on yourself- I know because I’ve done it, so it was a huge relief having help. I have a narrow back and a very narrow ribcage; my underbust measurement is smaller than my waist, but I have very large breasts. It makes fitting difficult in ordinary clothes, but add 18th century stays and the fitting becomes a nightmare.

This is what it looks like right now, though the colour is off; it’s actually a cool dark brown. I need to sew down all the seams on the bodice now and re-pleat the back. We will get back together in March and by then I want it done enough so I can get help fitting the sleeves. Ignore the white stuff in the front. They are just there for fitting purposes. Everything you can see of the brown lining will be cut away and the gap will be filled with a decorated stomacher.

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Oooh, that's going to be gorgeous when you're done!

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