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I have the flu. I’ve had it since last Sunday so I’m on the mend now, but still, feel weak as a kitten. Hence the radio silence. I have been reading though, even if I haven’t had the energy to comment, and seen this fanfic meme floating around. It feels like something I can manage to do.

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

FANFIC - 110, which isn’t everything I have written, but what I still feel ok showing people.

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?
Teen And Up Audiences (44)
General Audiences (40)
Fancy that- I go around thinking I write mostly explicit stuff, but clearly that is not true!

What’s your most common archive warning?
Well, “No Archive Warnings Apply” is most common with 89 fics. But the most common “real” warning is Rape/Non-Con (15).

Least common?
Graphic Depictions Of Violence (3)

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
No. I feel I have a passable grip on a few things and rarely stray.

How many stories have you made in each pairing category?
F/M (71)
Gen (29)
F/F (6)
M/M (5)
Multi (3)

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
I prefer het and gen. I’ve never given it a throughout analysis, but partly, I think, because I usually identify with female characters and same-sex pairings don’t turn me on.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers?
Doctor Who (32)
Peter Pan - J. M. Barrie (17)
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (8)
Versailles (TV 2015) (8)

Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?
Peter Pan was my first fandom and all but one of those fics were written more than 10 years ago. I did visit again last year, but I don’t consider myself active in it. I never really considered myself active in Harry Potter, and the last three I have written are actually remixes. But I’m still active in Doctor Who and Versailles. I’ve always had multiple fandoms though, and about 12 of the fandoms I’ve written for only have one fic.

What are your top 4 relationship tags?
Wendy Darling/James Hook, (7) [Peter Pan]
The Master (Doctor Who)/River Song (7) [Doctor Who] Though most of the Masters and Missy, not only one of them.
Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont (7) [Versailles]
Vanessa Ives/Sir Malcolm Murray (3) [Penny Dreadful]

Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
Mostly unpuzzled. Wendy/Captain Hook was the first ship I wrote, so even if I haven’t written it for more than a decade, it’s still not so odd it’s there. The Master/River Song pops up from time to time- it’s an ongoing series where Rivers meets the Master on various stages of their timeline, and they are not always romantically involved. Fabien/Sophie has been my main OTP for the last few years, so not strange either. But though I vastly enjoyed Penny Dreadful and vaguely shipped Sir Malcolm/Vanessa I’ve never considered them a pairing I wrote much for. Well, 3 fics aren’t much. I’m not much of an OTPer- I ship wildly instead.

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2?
Humor (13)
Dark (12)
Mind Games (5)
Unresolved Sexual Tension (5)

What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
I think I could easily write a fic with the tags dark, mind games and UST, but I don’t think I could fit in humor there...

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
I have 3. The End of the Story (Versailles) I’m currently working on, and it’s mostly done; I’m just stuck at the beginning of my current chapter. I plan to finish this one soon. Mary's Tale (Sleppy Hollow 1999)is complete in my mind and I really want to finish it. But I started to write this in 2006, and my English is so much better now. I feel that I need to edit the previous chapters before adding new ones. But I do want to finish it. Dudley’s Cousin (Harry Potter) I’m dithering about. I don’t really feel the love for it anymore, but it’s also one of my most popular fics (go figure), so I feel an obligation to finish it. Currently, I’m going back and forth about doing that or remove it altogether.

I also have two series who are incomplete, but A Little Less Than Kin (Doctor Who) is my Master/River stories, and the fics stand alone and it doesn’t matter much is a new fic comes, or not. They don’t have any particular order either- or rather they have two particular chronological orders depending if you read it from the master’s timeline or from River’s. So a new fic, if/when it comes, will most likely plop down somewhere in the middle for both of them.

Your Heart’s Desire is a bit trickier. It’s Dracula/The Historian fanfic, or rather fics with Dracula- they don’t really tie in with any book, and I never intended to make a series. I wrote one, and then years later got an idea for a sequel, and I realised I wanted to make it a trilogy. But the idea is taking it’s long good time to mature. And at this point, I feel I need to edit the two first stories first as well, both for language and to add a few things to tie them all better together.
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[profile] wendelah asked: What made you start writing fanfic?
I’ve always made up stories about books I’ve read, first and foremost Tolkien, but I never wrote anything down apart from synopsizes. I first encountered the term fanfic around 2000 and for a couple of years, I read a lot without ever considering writing any myself.

But then, some time during the winter 2003/2004 I came upon this promo shot from Peter Pan featuring Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook and suddenly it triggered something in me and I started to write. It was like opening a floodgate and for about a year all I could think of was writing, spending every free moment on it. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise I was actually working out quite a few issues with the help of writing fanfic. And when those were thoroughly worked, I had got into the habit of writing.

[personal profile] thisbluespirit and [personal profile] paynesgrey asked: Which of your own fanfics have you reread the most?
I don’t know. It’s not like a put a mark down when I do. I re-read current WIP’s several times when I work on them. But it feels like I have read Ghosts, The Mummy, A Place In the Shadows, Penny Dreadful, and Professor Keller, Doctor Who, the most. Probably because they are all fics I felt almost turned out as I wanted them.

[personal profile] navaan asked: Name three stories you found difficult to write. And why
Solace and All That You Love Will Be Lost, both written for Doctor Who, were about loss and grief. I wrote them after the loss of a family member and writing was very cathartic, but also difficult as a lot of feelings kept bubbling up as I wrote. I cried a lot when I wrote these.

Professor Keller, was difficult for other reasons. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, and I worked hard to convey it. It’s a horror story and I both wanted it to be really scary while still not too explicit. It’s the only fic I went back to after a few months and re-wrote every single chapter as well as adding a few things and an epilogue. I’m rather pleased with the result, but it’s definitely the fic which has the most energy and time spent on it.

[personal profile] verdande_mi asked: What's a theme that keeps coming up in your writing?
As a whole my fics are driven by my emotions, not plots. My fics, even multi-chapters, are generally quite short and with only two or three significant characters, concerning a certain emotional arc. I’m full of envy for those who can imagine up a sustainable plot for a long work.

The strongest theme is definitely the protagonist saving her/himself, emotionally and/or physically, or they don’t get saved at all. There is never a hero swooping in and saving the day, though he sometimes turns up at the end to give support. In my current WIP, it’s the heroine who saves her love interest though. It strongly reflects my own view that even if family and friends are very important, you are always the one who has to do the job and saving yourself. Emotionally, that is- most people don’t get captured by villains.

Rape/non-com is a recurrent theme. As I mentioned in the first answer I started to write to deal with issues, and a date-rape when I was 18 was one of them. At first, those stories were darkfics with unhappy endings, now they mostly end with the protagonist dealing with it. It’s also something I write about less and less; I don’t have the need to write it anymore.

[personal profile] verdande_mi and [personal profile] frelling_tralk asked: What kind of relationships are you most interested in writing?
Love, or at least sexual M/F relationships (69 fics), followed by Gen (29 fics). M/M and F/F gets a handful each and Multi only three. I often read slash, I just don’t feel I’m very good at writing it; several of my M/F and Gen stories in the Doctor Who Fandom have the undertext “The Master is obsessed with/love the Doctor”, but it is rarely stated in an explicit way.
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This one is gakked from [personal profile] nostalgia

1. favorite fic you wrote this year
Probably A Conversation In the Yellow Drawing Room, and Other Letters to Mrs Strange, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

2. least favorite fic you wrote this year
Soaring High (The Flying Lesson Remix), Harry Potter. I don’t dislike it, but it didn’t exite me either.

3. favorite line/scene you wrote this year
The tea must have rendered the Master more companionable because he suddenly surprised her with a question.

“Why do you keep a robot dog in your cleaning cupboard?”

“He is just my dog. I turn him off when I leave home because he isn’t functioning properly. But he is quite fun- you should have turned him on.”

“I see. The laser beam in his nose is still fully functional, I gather.”

“Oh yes, it works perfectly,” Sarah Jane said brightly, and the Master snorted and relapsed into silence.

It’s from Nothing Interesting Ever Happens In Perivale. Sarah Jane and Ainley!Master bounce so nicely off each other.

4. total number of words you wrote this year

5. most popular fic this year
How do you count popularity? By hits, kudos, comments or bookmarks? Anyway, Remembrance, Versailles, got the highest numbers in all those categories.

6. least popular fic this year
Weddings Nerves, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, got the least hits and kudos and Soaring High (The Flying Lesson Remix) the least comments and bookmarks.

7. longest completed fic you wrote this year
Remembrance with 10537 words.

8. shortest completed fic you wrote this year
Weddings Nerves with 504 words.

9. longest wip of the year & 10. shortest wip of the year
I only have one WIP I started this year, so The End of the Story, Versailles, currently with 5896 words wins in both categories.

11. fandom you enjoyed writing for the most this year
Must be a tie between Versailles and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell> as I’ve written two fics each in those fandoms and only one in the rest.

12. favorite character to write about this year
Difficult to say, I go with Sophie de Clermont as I’ve written two fics about her.

13. favorite writing song/artist/album of this year
None; I can’t listen to music when I write.

14. a fic you didn't expect to write
A Conversation In the Yellow Drawing Room, and Other Letters to Mrs Strange. I wrote the first chapter as a one-shot treat for Yuletide a couple of years ago. But I ran out of time before the deadline, and somehow forgot I hadn’t posted it. Then I found it again and realised that not only was it better than I remembered, but it also begged for more chapter.

15. something you learned this year
Pace yourself and don’t sign up for exchanges when you are too stressed to manage deadlines.

16. fic(s) you completed this year
Only seven- I didn’t write anything between April and August.

17. fics you'll continue next year
I’ll defintly finish The End of the Story

18. current number of wips

19. any new fics to start next year
I always have ideas, but no fixed plans.

20. number of comments you haven’t read
Zero. I don’t get so many comments I can’t keep up, and I want to read them at once!

21. most memorable comment/review
Actually, this has been the year of great comments. I’ve never got this many long and thoughtful reviews on several of my fics.

22. events you participated in this year
Only Chocolate Box and Remix Revival.

23. fics you wanted to write but didn't
I have notes on a few fic I wanted to write as treats for Yuletide, but I realised it would only stress me out to work against a deadline right now.

24. favorite fic you read this year
I can’t say. I only bookmark fics I love a lot.

25. a fic you read this year you would recommend everyone read
It really depends if itäs in a fandom you enjoy, isn’t it, so I can’t rec anything for everyone.

number of favorites/bookmarks you made this year
Only five. I have not read many fanfics this year.

favorite fanfic author of the year
No one that stands out from the others I like.

longest fic you read this year
Be Unwearied, Unceasing, Alive, The Mummy, with 5947 words.

shortest fic you read this year
Old Friends and Wartime Acquaintances, Agent Carter & Lord Peter Wimsey, with 499 words.

favorite fandom to read fic from this year
Well, the most fics I’ve read are in the Doctor Who fandom…

Oh shiny!

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My usual reaction to fanfic memes. This one gakked from [personal profile] navaan

Pick a question and ask me - and copy the questions to your own journal if you feel like it!

What made you start writing fanfic?
Which of your own fanfics have you reread the most?
Describe the differences between your first fanfic and your most recent fanfic.
Do you think your style has changed over time? How so?
You've posted a fic anonymously. How would someone be able to guess that you'd written it?
Name three stories you found easy to write.
Name three stories you found difficult to write.
What's your ratio of hits to kudos?
What do your fic bookmarks say about you?
What's a theme that keeps coming up in your writing?
What kind of relationships are you most interested in writing?
For E-rated fic, what are some things your characters keep doing?
Name three favorite characters to write.
You're applying for the fanfic writer of the year award. What five fanfics do you put in your portfolio?
Question of your choice!
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Author Questions

21. What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?
A Peter Pan-fic called Wedding Night.

22. Is there anything you regret writing?
There are things I have written that I’m not comfortable with letting people read anymore. But I don’t regret writing them. They were a very important part in how I managed to free myself from depression, and deal with some very painful memories.

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.
There are many I’m fond of, but I’ll take Professor Keller, a Doctor Who-fic which centers on the Master when teh Doctor isn’t around. It’s one of my few multi chapters, and I think I succeeded quite well in writing a slow-building sense of horror. It’s also the fic I have spent most time and thought, it occupied my imagination for more than a year, and I also rewrote the whole thing.

24. What fic do you desperately need to rewrite or edit?
I’m two fics in on what is going to be a trilogy about Dracula. But I didn’t know it was going to be more than one, and then two stories, and they need to be re-written slightly so the third fic fits with them. And they need to be edited too- all my fics written before 2015 do.

25. What’s your most popular fanfic?
When it comes to hits, a Peter Pan-fic called Not Totally Useless. But when it comes to kudos, which I think says more, a Mummy-fic called Ghosts

26. How do you come up with your fanfic titles?
I often use quotes from poems or plays. Sometimes I use a sentence in the fic which sums up the story.

27. What do you hate more: Coming up with titles or writing summaries?
Writing summaries all the way!

28. If someone were to draw a piece of fanart for your story, which story would it be and what would the picture be of?
Anything! I would be so enormously flattered I would be happy with something from any fic I have written!

29. Do you have a beta reader? Why/Why not?
Only sporadically. I try to find one for gift-fics, though I would love to have a beta for everything I write. But I feel shy of asking people for their time. Many of the fandoms I write in are also small and I don’t know anyone who also enjoy them.

30. What inspires you to write?
Lots of things. An image, a piece of poetry, the chemistry between two characters, a particular scene.

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?
I have got many wonderful comments over the fourteen years I have been writing, but the latest great one was on, of all places, for a Victoria-fic called But A Dream

I have become a Victoria-Melbourne 'shipper, and your wonderful story has a lot to do with that! This story is beautifully and sensitively written, and IMO you have done a fine job of portraying the complicated thoughts and feelings of the remarkable Lord M. I also like how you portray him as the mature man he is, and how in your story both his affections and his fantasies reflect that fact. You have a gift for descriptiveness, and for expressing the complicated feelings of a man who knows that his love for this young woman can never be consummated, indeed, never even clearly expressed. Thank you for writing and posting this insightful, deeply touching tale.

32. Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?
I find it distracting to listen to music while I write, but music often often inspires me, and I often listen to it while I think about the fic. I’m a Elvis Costello fan, and for some reason I have always connected his music with Doctor Who. To the point that Professor Keller was partly inspired by his music, and I ended up naming the chapters after various songs, and starting them off with parts of the lyrics which had relevance to the content. I also named the main character Alison.

I have a bunch of other Doctor-Who fics inspired by songs. Crows Feet on the Prettiest Eyes was inspired by The Beautiful South’s Prettiest Eyes. Burning was partly inspired by Dave Gahan’s Deeper and Deeper. Sliding Down the Razorblades of Life owes a lot to The Divine Comedy’s Mastermind. And For Now Left and Forlorn was inspired by Come Again, a song by John Dowland.

33. Do you write oneshots, multi-chapter fics or huuuuuge epics?
Not epics! Most of my fics are a few chapters, or one-shots. I have written a few series, but usually the fics in them stand on their own.

34. What’s the word count on your longest fic?
Professor Keller with 20948 words.

35. Do you write drabbles? If so, what do you normally write them about?
No, not really, though I have done so on occasion.

36. What’s your favorite genre to write?
I love history, and several of my fandoms are set in the past. So a lot of what I write has a historical setting. And/or fantasy. Apart from that, I enjoy writing darkfic, or at least rather angst stuff. But I also like writing funny fics.

37. First person or third person - what do you write in and why?
I usually write in third person, but there’s no conscious decision behind it- I write in the way which I feel fits the story.

38. Do you use established canon characters or do you create OCs?
On the whole I use canon characters, but I’m not adverse to write OD’s when needed. I feel OC’s have a bad rap as people assume they will be Mary Sue’s, but I think it’s more about writing talent. If you write OC Mary Sue’s, then it’s likely your canon characters will behave that way too.

39. What is your greatest strength as a writer?
Emotions. I spend a lot of time thinking of why people behave the way they do, and when I write I want my character’s to behave in an emotionally realistic way. And I think I’m rather good in doing that.

40. What do you struggle the most with in your writing?
Plots. My fics are character-driven, and usually there is only two or three characters in it, which is also why they usually are short. I’m in awe over those who can come up with, and sustain, a plot in a long fic.
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Gakked from [personal profile] verdande_mi.

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.
Way before fanfiction; Aragorn/Eowyn. My father read The Lord of the Rings for me when I was eight, and I was deeply disappointed when Arwen showed up, as I had hardly noticed her before. Fanfiction-wise it was Captain Hook/Wendy Darling.

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If anyone wants to ask about another fic, here is the original post.

[personal profile] navaan asked about Only Forever, a Labyrinth-fic. I have not quoted the whole fic.

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This was fun! If anyone wants to ask about another fic, here is the original post.

[personal profile] thisbluespirit asked about But A Dream; a Victoria-fic which I wrote after watching the show. I thought it was pretty adorable, and having been a fan of Rufus Sewell for twenty years, or so, made it very easy to crush a little on Lord Melbourne. I’ve forgotten where I got the title from. (I haven’t copied the whole fic below, only bits I had something to say about.)

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Gakked from [ profile] babiafi

Fandom Questions
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[ profile] phoenixdragon asked: 1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing.

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