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I’ve read less than usual lately, and as I always read more than one book, I currently has several halfway read, but I’ve only actuaölly finished one book since my last reading post.

The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths. The last in the series about Ruth Galloway. I always enjoy them as I like the character and the blend of history and crime. This one was also better than the previous one, so I enjoyed it a lot, without feeling it was the best book ever.

I’ve watched the third season of True Detective. I liked the first season, and disliked the second; I lost interest after two episodes. But as I always enjoy Mahershala Ali’s work, I decided to give the new season a go. And I actually liked it better than season 1. The plot was a bit hard to watch at it dealt with the disappearance of two children, but the acting made up for it. It takes place in 1980, 1990 and 2015, and I thought the aging of the actors very well done. I’m not sure the plot was that original- I guessed everything but the final twist halfway in, but it didn't matter. Mahershala Ali was superb, especially as an old man who is suffering from a memory disorder. There are also better female characters than in season 1. And despite the difficult theme, I like how it ended with hope. One of the things I liked with season 1 was the hint of something more than natural. In season 2 old Wayne see his younger self several times, which can be memories or hallucinations. But when cut too young Wayne you see that he feels the presence of his older self, even if he doesn’t see anything when he turns around.

We are caught up with Brooklyn Nine Nine, and I still love it. It such a great show on so many levels.

We also watched the first season of Cardinal. Nothing wrong with the acting, but I don’t need gruesome torture scenes and icky corpses in my shows. And do we really need more shows with a tortured middle-aged male cop with family troubles? Also, after spending so much time on the serial killers we got zero information on how they met and what sparked their murder spree, more than a few hints. Instead, it ended with several, slow, speechless minutes of Lise finding an empty flat and Cardinal reunited with his family. Also, both killers were dead before being arrested which I always think is the easy way out.

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