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I hope you all have had a good holiday, however you celebrate it. We spent Christmas Eve with at my parents, along with my sister and her family. We had a good time- I enjoy spending time with my family, but my nephew is an 19th month old bundle of happy energy. I was completely exhausted when we came home.

I had two lovely gifts for Yuletide, and I highly recommend them both to you.

Title: Cruel Alchemy
Fandom: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Rating: General Audience
Word Count: 1423
Characters: Eliza Tillinghast, Ezra Weeden
Warnings: None
Summary: After Joseph Curwen's death, his widow is visited by her old suitor for the last time.

Title: Four Weddings, No Funeral
Fandom: Deadwood
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1231
Characters/pairing: Alma Garret/Al Swearengen, Sol Star/Trixie, Martha Bullock/Seth Bullock, Jane Cannary/Joanie Stubbs
Warnings: Explicit Language
Summary: Not four actual weddings, but four couples. Somehow "Four Relationships, No Funeral" just doesn't sound the same.


Oct. 10th, 2017 05:24 pm
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Got properly flabbergasted for getting my Yuletide assignment so soon. I got a very good letter, but also a bit outside my comfort zone. But I have half an idea already, and hopefully I can make something good out of it. I’ve also noticed a letter with a request for a fandom I didn’t sign up to write, but got an idea for as soon as I saw it. So I think i can pretty safely say there will be at least one Treat. But I wonder when they will open up the Request summary at AO3. Some people only put there prompts on AO#, and some who do write letter doesn’t post about them in the letters post, so I always find the Request summary the best place to look Treat-ees. I also noticed that all my fandom request has got offers, which I didn’t expect- especially the pretty obscure offer of Elizabeth of the Garret Theatre. Weee!

And I’ve no less than two super nice comment on My Only Love, which completely made my day.
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The Yuletide tagset is open! My nominations all got through, so now I have loads of fandoms to choose from.

Obviously my own nominations:
Gwendolyn Courtney - Elizabeth of the Garrett Theatre
H. P. Lovecraft - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian

But then I have to narrow these five down to three:
4. The Mummy Series
5. The Borgias
6. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
7. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
8. Deadwood

The Mummy series is pretty given as I considered nomming those myself, but the rest will be tricky to decide on. Versailles was nominated, but not the characters I’m interested in, so that one falls away, at least.

There are also plenty of fandoms nominated I have written in; The Mummy, Penny Dreadful, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Peter Pan, even if I don’t know if I want to write in all those this year. There are also a few I haven’t written in, but can imagine doing so for, so I predict no problems in that area.

Apart from that I went down with autumn’s first case of bronchitis on Sunday, and feel very much under the weather. Tomorrow I need to get my act together when it comes to The Darkest Night-fic if I’m to have it done my the 30th. I have felt much too sick to sit in front of a computer up until today. Very annoying.
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And suddenly Yuletide is almost upon us. How did that happen? Last year I nominated H. P Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward with the characters Joseph Curwen, Eliza Tillinghast and Ezra Weeden. Because I have a hankering for knowing more about Eliza and her marriage to Curwen, and I think I’m going to nominate that one again.

And I’ll definitely nominate Elizabeth of the Garrett Theatre by Gwendoline Courtney, with the characters Alison, Elizabeth, Nigel and Nan, again.

But then I don’t know. My third last year was Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe with the characters Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca of York, but I don’t really feel the love for that this year. I’ve been thinking of Versailles and Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian. The Mummy is also an option, though it is usually nominated anyway.

I need at least 100 words more on my Remix-fic, but I feel confident I will be able to add that tomorrow, when my brain has stopped being mush from writing on it today… And I have until september 10, so it shouldn’t be a problem to have it finished by then.
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Here are my lovely Yuletide gift and treat. Both well worth reading!

Title: Her Echoes, They Surround
Fandom: The Mummy
Rating: Explicit
Genre: PWP
Word Count: 3779
Characters/pairing: Ardeth Bay/Evy Carnahan O'Connell/Rick O'Connell
Warnings: Well, sex.
Summary: If he beat the monster from Hamunaptra only to go to hell for this instead, it'll still be worth it.

It may be PWP, but it’s very well-written PWP. And not without some seriousness- the beginning is a rather chilling description of how Imhotep and his curse must have affected the common man. And then we get some lovely Ardeth/Evy/Rick, told from Rick’s POV.

Title: Duty, Loyalty, Loneliness
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Teen and up
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 3653
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Claudine Masson
Warnings: Quite a few dead bodies..
Summary:Claudine's most regular patient begins sending her the oddest gifts.

Fabien Marchal quickly became one of my favourites characters in Versailles. I also felt there were hints of a relationship in the making between him and Claudine, despite their differences. This fic explores their awkward personalities- neither of them has a very good idea of how to start a love story.

On writing

Oct. 22nd, 2016 02:18 pm
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I’ve started on my Yuletide fic and have managed a couple of hundred words and a synopsis over the rest. And quite by chance I read a Yuletide letter about a fandom I know, but has never considered writing in. Suddenly I had a fully formed idea for a treat and a synopsis and 300 words down on that one too. Ooops.

So, with revising and writing and still wanting to update here, I have formed a PLAN. I will write 400 words on my main Yuletide fic ever day. And when I have done that, then I can write the same amount for a blog post. And after that, I can write 400 words on a Treat, and then circle back to my main Yuletide fic. Which means I will probably post less here, but on the other hand I will get a lot of other writing done. I hope to write at least two Treats, hopefully more and perhaps a couple of drabbles, so if I’m scarce here, you know what I’m doing. :D


Oct. 11th, 2016 08:32 pm
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So much for getting some WIP’s out of the way before Yuletide- the assignments are already out. At least I managed to finish my Versailles-fic. My assigment looks good and I feel confident I will be able to write something acceptable. All my nomination had offers, which surprised me a little, as at least one if extremely obscure. I know this doesn’t mean I will get fic, but it’s nice to know the possibility is there.

I’ve checked out the fandoms I’m interested in writing in, and I’m sure I will manage to write Treats too. Of course, some fandoms (I’m looking at you Versailles) has favourite characters/pairings I have no interest in writing at all. I never seem to be interested in the mainstream favourites in any fandom. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone to squee together with.


Sep. 9th, 2016 04:19 pm
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The nominations for [ profile] yuletide has opened, and I have submitted mine.

H. P Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward with the characters Joseph Curwen, Eliza Tillinghast and Ezra Weeden. Because I have a hankering for knowing more about Eliza and her marriage to Curwen.

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe with the characters Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca of York. Even at the tender age of five when I saw the 50’s version with George Sanders and Elizabeth Taylor as those characters, I pegged them as the two who interested me the most. Something I have held on to through reading the book, watching the 80’s movie version and the 90’s mini-series. I would enjoy a missing scene, but what I really crave is an AU where Bois-Guilbert survives and they meet again. It doesn’t have to be a love story, I just want to know what they would say to each other.

And I did nominate Elizabeth of the Garrett Theatre by Gwendoline Courtney, with the characters Alison, Elizabeth, Nigel and Nan. I want missing scenes and even more fic taking place a couple of years later.

I’m going to hope someone else nominates Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell with the characters I want.
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The Yuletide authors have been revealed and I can post my stories here. This is my main gift fic, written for redsnake05.

Title: A Place In the Shadows
Fandom: Penny Dreadful
Rating: All ages
Genre: Gen, friendship
Word Count: 1216
Characters: Vanessa Ives, Sembene
Warnings: None
Summary: Cold in both body and soul, Vanessa finds an unexpected comfort.
AN: One of the things I love about Penny Dreadful is how it manages to evoke such things as smell and sense, not just sounds and vision. I tried to capture some of that in this fic as well. I labeled this fic Gen, but there is a hint of Vanessa/Sembene. Thanks to LilacFree for beta-reading.

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