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Sometimes people are just what they appear to be/With no redemption at all/We try to walk upright when we can`t even crawl

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Well my country it’s gone made and every way it turns out bad/tell me again what it is you think you’ve won?/And don’t sell me your cheap hope, I’ll take a length of good strong rope, it’ll serve me when time comes./And we’ve drained the future dry and now we’re eyeing up the sky like there’s time to save the race

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Spotify obligingly provided me with a playlist of the songs I have listened to most in 2017. So here is my Top Ten:


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Can you tell I like Elvis Costello? ;)
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I haven’t inflicted my music taste on you for ages, so here are several Kurt Weill songs from the movie September Songs. It’s basically a bunch of artists performing song by Weill in the same location, interspersed with information about Weill, and some original recordings. Here are my favourites.

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They manipulate and threaten/With terror as a weapon/Scare you till you're stupefied/Wear you down until you're on their side

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I’ve been a low-key fan of Tom McRae for a long time now. I couldn’t find any good video of some of my favourites, though; Houdini and the Girl, The Ballad of Amelia Earhart and One Mississippi.

Darling, I'm lost,/Adrift in the dark/I'm clutching your words to my vampire heart once more/

So let in the light, turn me to dust/If it don't end in bloodshed, dear,/It's probably not love

We think that we're the ones we're the bright unconquered suns/Wait a while we'll watch the light grow stale/And we smell so very clean but we're the/Oil in this machine and this machine/This machine is going wrong

I’ve played my part, worked hard all my life/You stole from me the comfort of the night./And now the shadows grow, thrown by your fire light

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It’s 25 years since Tori Amos Little Earthquakes was released. How strange that feels! It was one of those defining albums for me, something I listened to over and over, and still listen to, all these years later.

Give me life Give me pain/Give me myself again

Oh these little earthquakes/Here we go again/These little earthquakes/Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces

Cause what if I'm a mermaid/In these jeans of his/With her name still on it/Hey but I don't care/Cause sometimes/I said sometimes/I hear my voice/And it's been here/Silent All These...

Years go by/Will I still be waiting/For somebody else to understand

I’m still not a super fan of Tori Amos, but some of her other songs have had a deep impact. Like Spark where she sings of her miscarriage. It was released just after I had mine, and I listened to this song over and over, using it to express what I couldn’t say with my own words. And all these years later I still can’t listen to it without crying.

She's afraid of the light in the dark/6:58 are you sure where my spark is/Here/Here/Here

She's convinced she could hold back a glacier/But she couldn't keep Baby alive/Doubting if there's a woman in there somewhere/Here

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I’m feeling nostalgic, so let’s have some Marillion.

All the best freaks are here, all the best freaks are here/Please stop staring at me, all the best freaks are here

We will wear your white feather/We will carry your white flag/We will swear we have no nations/But we're proud to own our hearts

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I’m not feeling particularly sunny this morning/week/year.

As I walk through/This wicked world/Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity./I ask myself/Is all hope lost?/Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

Translated the song title is Fragile World and the lyrics goes something like this:

He reads in his paper about a country/where they always places their religion first/How does that work/How can they do that?/But his daddy says they have inherited all their view from their fathers/and that is never good/Things will go very wrong one day

And he closes his door/He doesn’t want to see what is blowing against his face/He doesn’t want his fragile world be destroyed by any wind

He reads to learn debating/It’s no coincidence that the great men on TV thinks like he/But sometimes, sometimes he changes the channel

He knows what he wants/He doesn’t want to see what is blowing against his face/He doesn’t want his fragile world be destroyed by any wind

He friends thinks the same way as he/With them he builds his world view/Like it was a building kit/How can all the truths be true/When they are all flying about/But his truth is home with him, so that’s the truest of them all

And he closes his door/He doesn’t want to see what is blowing against his face/He doesn’t want his fragile world be destroyed by any wind/He doesn’t want his fragile world be destroyed by anything/No, no, no, no

Can you feel how you sway by the mildest breeze/I don’t want my fragile world destroyed to any price

It’s rather depressing that this song was written in 1989.

And this is a repeat, but this song has been on repeat in my head all through 2016.

There is a war on and all of the morons are winning, they are winning year to year

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For some strange, odd, reason, I felt the urge to listen to this song recently.

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I have a lot of catching up to do and a backlog of things to post. And it’s Music Monday. This one if especially for [ profile] a_phoenixdragon

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Well, Christmas is almost upon us, so let’s have a few of my favourite Swedish Christmas songs. There aren’t in any way traditional. Mer Jul means “More Christmas” and is a love song to Christmas and how the singer just wants more and more of it.

Det är inte snön som faller (“It’s Not Snow Which Is Falling”), however, is very sarcastic.

Before the Swedish calendar was adjusted in the 18th century, December 13 was actually Midwinter. This is still reflected in Swedish Christmas traditions as this is the day we celebrates St Lucia. If you think it’s off a protestant country makes a big brouhaha of a Catholic and Sicilian saint, well, yes, that is odd. But there is a long Swedish tradition of a woman bringing light on Midwinter, so she is most likely the Christian makeup of a Pagan goddess. Several of our Christmas songs are about Lucis, like this one Så mörk är natter

The lyrics of the Lucia songs are actually surpisingly lacking of Christian motifs. They are all about the joy of finally getting the light back. Considering that Stockholm right now has about five hours of daylight, and in the north they have none, you can understand why this is something to feel joy over.

So dark is the night at Midwinter
But look, now Lucia approaches
She, the good one, comes with the light
She comes with tidings of the peace of Yule
She comes with candles in her crown
In the dark night of midwinter
We greet you, fair Lucia
Welcome, you good one who comes with the light.
Welcome with your tidings of the peace of Yule
Welcome, with candles in your crown.

Oh helga natt is simply the Swedish translation of Oh Holy Night. But no one sings it like Jussi Björling did.

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Two songs which invariably makes me think of my husband.

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The lyrics pretty much sums up my feelings about politics nowadays. In any country, including my own.

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Busy, busy, so just one song today. From The Divine Comedy's latest album.

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I’ve been on a bit of a Beatles-trip ever since I saw Eight Days A Week. The Beatles was my first own musical discovery, even if I must have heard them as a small kid as my father has several Beatles albums. But when I was nine Help was shown on Swedish television and I feel hard and fast a few notes into it. The music was great and they were funny in much the same way as Monty python, which I already adored, but The Beatles was cute too.

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