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I’m still on a George Sanders trip. A lot of his movies can be found on Youtube, which is nice, even if the quality isn’t always very good.

The Moon and Sixpence is a 1942 movie based on a 1919 book by Somerset Maugham, which in turn is loosely based on Paul Gauguin's life. I’m going to spoil you now because I really don’t think you should see this movie unprepared. I have a lot of feels about it, and most of them are not good.

It takes place in the late 19th century and George Sanders plays a middle-aged stockbroker, Charles Strickland. He’s considered a bore, but one day he abandons his wife and children and moves to Paris. The assumption is that he was run away with a woman, but it turns out he has done it so he can become an artist. He struggles for a few years- his poverty is partly because he refuses to sell any of his paintings, despite being a brilliant artist. When he becomes dangerously ill he is taken in by a fellow painter who is a mediocre artist, but a good human being, and his very reluctant wife Blanche. When Strickland regains his health, the Blanche leaves her husband for him. Sometime later he throws her out, and she kills herself. Eventually, Strickland moves to Tahiti, where he marries a native 14-year old girl, Ata. The marriage is actually happy, but then he gets leprosy and dies.

Cut for length )

A very mixed bag, in other words. It was an interesting movie, if repulsive and I think it can be worth watching as a starting point n a discussion on misogyny and the still perpetuated myth that women can only love a man who treats her badly.

The Foreign Correspondent is a Hitchcock movie from 1940 about an American journalist who goes to Europe to report, just before WWII breaks out. Watching it nearly 80 years later you have seen it before; using a doppelganger to hide a kidnapping, the car race, villains trying to get to the hero disguised as police officers, the kind philanthropist who is really a villain, fleeing from a room by climbing out of the window and int another room, fleeing a room by jumping out of a window and landing safely on a awning. All so familiar, but it was probably where it happened first. All in all a good product of its time, with a very strong message for the USA to enter the war. George Sanders is unusually not a villain, but second hero, ie the one who doesn’t get the girl.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir I have been recommended this movie so many times, but as I don’t much care about Rex Harrison I have avoided it. Of course, I liked it very much. A young and pretty widow moves into a house haunted by its late owner, a sea captain. Instead of being afraid of the ghost Mrs. Muis strikes up a friendship with him, and they fall in love. But then she meets a living man, a charming, if a somewhat sleazy man, played with flair by George Sanders. Gene Tierney was adorable as Mrs. Muir and for the first time ever I could see the sexiness of Rex Harrison as Captain Daniel. Definitely worth a watch.

I also had a sense of double-vision when I watched it- I knew the story sooo well, despite knowing I hadn’t seen it before. But apparently there were a TV-series from the early 1970’s, so I suspect I must have seen it as a child.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, season 2. Spoilers )

I liked season 2 of The OA better than season 1 as well. Spoilers )
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I’ve only seen the first episode of American Gods, and I’m sadly a little underwhelmed. Also, I got annoyed. Spoilers )

I still enjoy Blacklist, though I feel the show has outlived itself. Even if they are very amusing, the sole purpose now seems to be letting Red steal scenes. Logic be damned. Spoilers )

Supernatural isn’t bad this season, but I feel it doesn’t really take off. Spoilers )

Husband and I re-watched Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. It’s aging very well and is still my favourite adaption. And the costumes are lovely- my only (slight) beef is that Jane, Lizzie, and Lydia frequently have deep-cut necklines during the day. But I can live with that. Feeling inspired we went on watching the adaption of Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones, who was adorable as usual. I still think the version with Ciaran Hinds is vastly better in all respects. And now we are watching the early 80’s series of Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke. Apart from the rooms being very obviously studios, I think it’s still very good. It was my introduction to the story and I feel hard for Mr. Rochester and identified myself with Jane. I was also pleased to notice the time period is accurate. Most adaption set Jane Eyre around the time it was published, 1847, but the story is actually set several years earlier, as Jane Eyre is talking about events taking place when she was young. The year is never set in the novel, but one give away is that Jane never travels by train. The series starts in 1822 and people are depressed in Regency, and the main part takes place in 1830, with waistlines still high, but much closer to the natural waistline. And the costumes are really beautiful too.

Someone had a George Sander’s secret on [community profile] fandomsecrets which prompted me to re-watch Ivanhoe yesterday; something which I have been thinking since I talked about it on The Snowflake Challenge. It was highly enjoyable, but not exactly good. The character Ivanhoe is rather blah, to begin with, and Robert Taylor is rather boring. Elizabeth Taylor as Rebecca of York is still heartbreakingly beautiful, but not given much to do than look just lovely. Guy Rolfe’s Prince John was very good and very evil, but George Sanders' Bois-Guilbert was best. Though a bad guy he doesn’t comes across as particularly evil, and though he remains selfish, it’s also obvious he genuinely falls for Rebecca.

I then went on to watchAll About Eve which is one of my all-time favourite movies. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommended. It’s a wickedly funny movie about an aging actress who gets her life infiltrated by a young fan. Bette Davis is great as Margot Channing, and George Sanders got an Oscar for the role of malevolent theatre critic Addison DeWitt. It also rocks Marilyn Monroe in one of her earliest roles. She’s doing her mainstay ditzy blonde, but with a few subtle hints of actually having a brain somewhere. One of the reasons why I like this movie is how many unlikeable traits most of the characters have. Spoilers )
And now I have a plot bunny for a fanfic no one would want to read. I doubt there is much, if any, interest in all About Eve-fic, and then add a pairing which you may only see if you squint a lot, and add some more disturbing themes… Oh well, I may write it out for my own amusement, if no one else.
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I’ve read less than usual lately, and as I always read more than one book, I currently has several halfway read, but I’ve only actuaölly finished one book since my last reading post.

The Stone Circle by Elly Griffiths. The last in the series about Ruth Galloway. I always enjoy them as I like the character and the blend of history and crime. This one was also better than the previous one, so I enjoyed it a lot, without feeling it was the best book ever.

I’ve watched the third season of True Detective. I liked the first season, and disliked the second; I lost interest after two episodes. But as I always enjoy Mahershala Ali’s work, I decided to give the new season a go. And I actually liked it better than season 1. The plot was a bit hard to watch at it dealt with the disappearance of two children, but the acting made up for it. It takes place in 1980, 1990 and 2015, and I thought the aging of the actors very well done. I’m not sure the plot was that original- I guessed everything but the final twist halfway in, but it didn't matter. Mahershala Ali was superb, especially as an old man who is suffering from a memory disorder. There are also better female characters than in season 1. Spoilers )

We are caught up with Brooklyn Nine Nine, and I still love it. It such a great show on so many levels.

We also watched the first season of Cardinal. Nothing wrong with the acting, but I don’t need gruesome torture scenes and icky corpses in my shows. And do we really need more shows with a tortured middle-aged male cop with family troubles? Spoilers )
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I finished Crossing Lines. It had the worst bridge ever between season 2 and 3; season 2 ended with one character being involved with something potentially very dangerous, and the season ended with another character entering her hotel room, seeing her in her bed and sinking down into a chair. Which might have meant he found her dead- or found her sleeping and was so relieved he had to sit down.

And then season 3 started and all but three characters were gone. They were addressed in passing as “gone home to their countries”, with absolutely no mention of what happened to this character. Presumably, she survived, but what about the cliffhanger? Which was something season 2 had built toward the whole season. Absolutely nothing was said about that. Very annoying! BUT. Season three was was actually the best season with much better plots. Goran Visnjic was stellar, and I enjoyed the other actors as well. It is rather surprising it was canceled after this season.

Husband got me into watching Riverdale. I read Archie as a child and never cared much for it, so the show didn’t appeal. Well, it’s a very different animal. I like it; it’s rather like Twin Peaks, but I wish I could have seen it when I was a teenager. I think I would have loved it passionately then. And I’m sure I would have developed a huge crush on Jughead Jones.

I’ve just started to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I love it! It’s very funny and Midge is such a likable character- though I don’t think she should have been a parent- she seems very interested in her children. And it’s gorgeous! I crave her wardrobe too! I love the colour combinations!

See what I mean )

I also look forward to Good Omens, American Gods, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
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As Timeless made me notice I Goran Višnjić have made a point in checking him out in other movies/shows:

The Deep End with Tilda Swinton was a rather odd movie about a middle-aged wife and mother who gets blackmailed by Višnjić character Alek, who starts to feel sympathy for his victim. Swinton was good- she always is, but as we never get any background or motivations for Alek, apart, possibly, being blackmailed himself, he remains flat. As I know the actor can do so much better I guess it was a conscious decision from the director- perhaps for mystery, but it didn’t work.

Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. I remember considering watching this movie when it came because the story about two sisters from a family of witches appealed to me, but I somehow never got round to it. I’ve read some rather negative reviews, but I loved it. I can’t help wondering if some of the negativity is because this movie really is about sisters and the power of women working together, with the sister’s love interest being decidedly second place.

Pan Am I never watched this show when it came because Missy, who was my baby sitter when I was a kid, told me her SiL worked for Pan Am in the ’60s and was interviewed for this show- and she was so disappointed in it. But somewhat to my surprise I really loved it now when I’ve seen it. I’m sure it’s more glamorous than it really was, and no one smokes, but it’s gorgeous and well-acted. It takes place in 1963 and as the name suggests it’s about Pan Am, or rather about the crew on one of the planes. It’s an ensemble cast, but with ´four female and two male characters the focus still lands on the women, who also are a lot more interesting than the male characters. Kate, who starts to work for CIA as a courier, her sister Laura who ran away from her wedding, French Colette who still deals with the trauma of the German occupation and the murder of her parents and Maggie who doesn’t deal well with authority. Goran Višnjić plays a Yugoslavian diplomat who has a love affair with Kate, and he does it very well, though only in a few episodes. Unfortunately, the season ends with a lot of loose threads and then it was canceled. I’m miffed. Very miffed.

Crossing Lines, a crime show about a multi-national investigation group located in Hague, and solving crimes all over Europe. I haven’t actually seen Višnjić in it yet as he doesn’t show up until season 3, but I enjoy it. No gruesome corpses and plotlines which sometimes is quite unexpected.
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Meme nicked from [personal profile] liadtbunny

1.What shows you watching these days?
This autumn I have watched/still watch;

Doctor Who I really like Thirteen, and I like the new companions too, but somehow I find this season a bit- lackluster. I don’t hate anything, but I don’t particularly love anything either.

The Good Life I like this show more and more. The idea is original and clever, and I like the actors. Even, surprisingly, Red Danson who I never cared for before.

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine I know, I know, this show have been around forever, but I haven’t watched it before. It shouldn’t be something I like, but I love it, much to my surprise.

Charmed I’m a bit unsure about this reboot, but so far I haven’t stopped watching. I’m very meh about all the love interests though- I only like the police girlfriend, and now she seems to be gone. *mutters*

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I enjoyed it a lot, and it was vuísually stunning, but it felt a bit wobbly at times. I definitely think it has potential. I can get why not everyone cares for it.

The Man In the High Castle I liked this season better than the second, but it was also very obvious it already knew there is a fourth season cleared. It also managed to give me two really awful nightmares featuring Rufus Sewell's John Smith. Which says something of how scary I found that character, and how well Sewell plays him.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair Beautifully filmed and well-acted, but also hiuínged on a few things which I found extremely unlikely. Like an author writing about a real crime NOT checking up the background on one of the major characters? Wouldn’t happen. But I enjoyed it while I watched.

The kid and I are taking a break from Supernatural (we’ve finished season 4) and are watching Penny Dreadful. I enjoy the re-watch and he enjoys getting to know the show. He may look like his father, but he sure is his mother’s son when it comes to interests and taste. I’m also curious about the spin-off set in the 1930’s. It can go both ways. And I hope we get to have some of the characters from the original. Several of them are immortal, after all.

Read more... )
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Spoilers are under the cut.

Doctor Who Early day yet, but I liked Thirteen a lot in the first episode. Now I know I’m easy to please when it comes to the Doctor- even the Doctor I like the least, I like a lot.

I have no opinion about Chibnall whatsoever, and I’m not going to judge the plot in the first episode. It was rather weak, IMO, and there were some things I didn’t much care for, but I think it’s difficult to have a great plot when you are also introducing a new Doctor. I feel optimistic about this season as of now, and I think I will like Thirteen a lot.

The Man In the High Castle I’ve only seen four episodes so far, but I think I like this season better than season 2. Rufus Sewell continues to be absolutely amazing. I know some people don’t like that he is, at times, presented as sympathetic, but for me, that only serves to make him scarier. I find his character absolutely terrifying. Read more... )

I found the use of Tomorrow Belongs To Me during the memorial pretty chilling too. I haven’t seen anyone remarking upon that- is Cabaret so forgotten? Despite the idyllic setting of the song in the movie, I always found it deeply disturbing. Or what do you say?

Good Omens Still don’t know when we get to see it, but I really like the trailer. I hope it will be as good as it looks here!

And American Gods. Can’t wait for that either!

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I haven’t talked about what I watch in ages. Currently, I’m very much looking forward to Doctor Who. I’ve always liked Jodie Whitaker and I like how dorky she looks at the first glimpses of her Doctor. I’m more unsure of an ensemble cast. It hasn’t always been handled well, but the last time the TARDIS had these many people on board it was around 1980, and, well, there was a lot that wasn’t handled well then. As I always love the Doctor/Master dynamics I hope the master will return. And I would love to have either Michelle Gomez or John Simm back, but I guess when the Master return it will be in a new incarnation. It’s funny, but I really disliked John Simms two first stints as the Master

I also wait eagerly for The Man In the High Castles and Good Omens.

Husband and I have laughed our way through Upstart Crow. I’ve never heard of it until a friend recommended it. If you haven’t either, it’s a sitcom about William Shakespeare, written by Ben Elton. It very much reads like something he has been thinking of since Blackadder, and some parts feel like Elton would have wanted someone from those series to play it. Most notable Kit Marlowe who Rik Mayall would have rocked. Clever historical puns and digs at current political affairs, and decent costumes. I was delighted when Bob, short for Kate, made a cameo. I wonder if we ever will see Miranda Richardson as an aging Queen Elizabeth.

I’m currently re-watching Ashes to Ashes. I started with Life On Mars, but even if I liked it when I first saw it, I just couldn’t get into it again. Is it blasphemy to like Ashes to Ashes better? It may simply be because even if life On Mars is fun visually because it looks like my early childhood, the early 70’s isn’t really something I remember. But the early 80’s, that’s my pre-teens right there, and I love the visuals and the music. I also enjoy the chemistry between Alex and Gene Hunt. Who is slightly nicer her than in Life On Mars. Slightly.

I almost gave Preacher a miss as I didn’t like season 2, but I gave it a try and I’m glad I did. Season 3 was good, and I liked that the Saints of Killers finally got to do more than just kill people, as I really like Graham McTavish and so far his acting skills have been pretty wasted.
Husband and I are also watching all the Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Not all episodes are well-written, but the visuals are amazing. And David Suchet is perfect- watching them like this really brings to home what a well-rounded character he has made of Christie’s very two-dimensional detective.

Actually, I have been re-watching a lot lately. Probably because it's nice to fall back on the true and tried when life makes you feel frazzled. A secret on Fandom secrets made me re-watch the Scarlet Pimpernel with Richard E. Grant as the Pimpernel. My recollection was that he was really bad at it, but he was a lot better than I remembered. The problem is that Elizabeth McGovern’s Marguerite is a catastrophe. I usually like her, but here her acting is wooden and she and Richard E. Grant has no chemistry whatsoever. And, perhaps, unfortunately, it is the bad guys who steal the show. Ronan Vibert is a hoot as Robespierre, and Martin Shaw is a smoldering hot Chauvelin. I love his voice- I could listen to him read the telephone catalogue.

After that I checked out Martin Shaw on IMDB which led me to George Gently; a detective show set in the 60’s. It was good and the settings and clothes fantastic, but it was such a depressing show. It’s a safe bet in every episode that everyone will be even more unhappy in the end.

Oh, as we watched the Death of Stalin which was great. I didn’t think it was possible to make comedy out of it, but the movie manages to make it hilarious, without dismissing all the terrible things which happened. Great acting too. Especially Steve Buscemi and Jason Isaacs. The latter chomped up the scenery with glee all while he looks great.

I also enjoyed The Miniaturist, a 17th century drama about a young girl being married off to a rich merchant and finds herself in a very strange household. Set and clothes where near perfect- the only thing I can point to was that all but one female character had the wrong hairstyle. But I can live with that; it was a good show.

Watched Versailles too- but that merits its own post.

And right now I can’t recall what more I have watched, even if it’s really a lot more.
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This week i decided to make peace Versailles, and consequently enjoyed it immensely. And really, most of the things which has irked me, are really only something that (may) annoy you if you know the history, and the real characters of the people. Because let me tell you, the only characters who isn’t wildly out of character at this point are Liselotte and Madame de Montespan. But I buy it, because I love the actors are great, and their acting sell it all to me, even if I know it’s wrong.

I also realise I have expected too much of the show vis a vis the Affair of Poisons. You see, it was HUGE. As in going on for almost a decade and involving hundreds of people. It started out when a woman called Brinvilliers poisoned several members of her family, shocking France because she was both beautiful and upper class. The belief that your outer circumstances like looks and social class, said something about your character, was something widely held back then. And eventually, more and more people were implicated, and as time went, more and more people at court were dragged into it. Louis XIV, who initially was very much for finding all the guilty ones, got a bit of cold feet then. And when the accusations reached Madame de Montespan, he put the lid on it. Parts of the evidence was destroyed, though what was left were enough to executed. And a whole bunch of people who were innocent, but friends and family to the executed, were sent to prison for life, and forbidden to ever speak again. Madame de Montespan was never convicted of anything, but she was sent to a convent. It seems fairly certain there were some burning hot things the king really didn’t want the public to know about. And all this is beyond the scope of Versailles, and I should have realised that- it was just that I would have loved to see the whole, intricate affair being made into TV. But it was so complicated it would need a different kind of show altogether. Versalles focus on Louis XIV, and but necessity the whole thing must be made smaller and more intimate.

Spoilers for Versailles )

Spoilers for The Blacklist )

Rocky Horror Picture Show, remake & original )

As the kid is with his father, we can’t watch Doctor Who<7i> until next Wednesday. We also can’t start with American Gods, which starts on Sunday, until then. I’m very excited over that show!
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As usual, spoilers under the cuts, so beware!

Doctor Who )

I’m now six episodes in on Versailles, and I’m sorry to say I find it weaker than the first. (Apart from three huge NO’s, those are heartbreaking!) However, this may be because 17th century history is one of my favourite periods, and a lot of what irks me, has to do with that. If you don’t feel that is important, then I think you won’t find the same thing irritating. And this is what annoys me:

Versailles, episod 5-6 )

The costumes of Versailles )
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As lways spoilers under the Cuts.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley. I really liked this book, set in Victorian London, but with a couple of strong fantasy and steampunk elements. It started out with a telegraphist receiving a mysterious watch as an anonymous gift, and a bomb threat, and I thought it would be a bit of a thriller, but it isn’t, really. But it’s a bit hard to describe what happens without spoilers. I can say it’s about a man who see the colours of sounds, and a woman who want to see the ether. And about a man who remembers his future and forgets his past. And two love stories. And a clockwork octopus. And I enjoyed every page of it. This is Pulley’s debit novel and it makes me really excited to see what she writes next.

Grimm )


And Versailles will start airing in Sweden on April 13. Wohoo! I only hope it won’t be any hassle, as it’s on a streaming channel we don’t have. It ought not to be a problem, but I’m always sceptical to those things until they do work. I really, really want to watch the new season. If worst come to worst the French DVD will be released by the end of April (with both the English and the French-dubbed version). But I think that if you are in USA you’ll need a DVD player which can play European DVDs.
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As lways spoilers under the cuts.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley. I really liked this book, set in Victorian London, but with a couple of strong fantasy and steampunk elements. It started out with a telegraphist receiving a mysterious watch as an anonymous gift, and a bomb threat, and I thought it would be a bit of a thriller, but it isn’t, really. But it’s a bit hard to describe what happens without spoilers. I can say it’s about a man who see the colours of sounds, and a woman who want to see the ether. And about a man who remembers his future and forgets his past. And two love stories. And a clockwork octopus. And I enjoyed every page of it. This is Pulley’s debit novel and it makes me really excited to see what she writes next.

Grimm )


And Versailles will start airing in Sweden on April 13. Wohoo! I only hope it won’t be any hassle, as it’s on a streaming channel we don’t have. It ought not to be a problem, but I’m always sceptical to those things until they do work. I really, really want to watch the new season. If worst come to worst the French DVD will be released by the end of April (with both the English and the French-dubbed version). But I think that if you are in USA you’ll need a DVD player which can play European DVDs.
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Sweden switched to summertime last weekend, which invariable makes me feel jet-lagged and cranky. As I do when we go into winter time too. I would much rather we kept to one time all year round.

And on Sunday my spring allergies exploded- I strongly suspect the birches. I hate feeling congested and stupid. But it’s pretty outside, especially by the lake when I am walking the dogs. The downside with the warmer weather is that Tom catches mice. Suddenly he jumps one-two-three and the poor thing squeals its last. I hate it, but I don’t know how to stop it- he does it even when he’s on the leach. Luckily he is very good at dropping it when I tells him. I keep telling him he is bred for sheepherding, not hunting. Teddie, on the other hand, has no instincts at all- he only wants to goof around. To his delight the swan couple was back today. He loves them and lives in hope they will someday want to play with him. They, on the other hand, are not pleased at all with this doggly adoration.

I haven’t done a what I have been watching-post in ages, so here goes. Everything under the cut may contain spoilers.

Grimm )

But OUAT! Well, I think I can safely say I will give up this show after this season. And I stay on now only because I really am very fond of Oded Fehr and I hope he will turn up again. I even saw that trite shit called Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo for his sake. (and was rewarded with a naked Oded Fehr, those minutes sure wasn’t wasted). But when it comes to OUAT I have grown tired of this constant bombardment of new characters who are given no grounding and who are gone before one get to know them. And all the villains! What’s wrong with having one or possibly two Big Bad each season? This is what I think goes on in the heads of those who are behind OUAT (beware of snarking):


Supernatural )

The Blacklist ) I’ve also started to watch Blacklist redemption, which I like, thought it’s much more a straight up action thriller. I like Famke Jensen and I also like that they have opted to give a woman around 50 such a hefty role.

Husband and I are also watching Eureka, which is a re-watch for me, and new to him. It’s a rather charming show, I think. I was a bit surprised to see Tygh Runyan (Fabien Marchal in Versailles pop up in an episode as Fargo’s grandfather. I recognized the voice before I placed the face- he looked quite different without a long wig and facial hair.
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We finished The Man in the High Castle, season 2, yesterday, and both my husband and I feel a bit shaken. It’s an amazing show and I can’t recommend it enough.

Spoilers ahead! )
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Spoilers under cut.

I’m happy to say that the two last episodes of OUAT has been much better than the rest of the season. I think I shall check who it is who writes those horribly saccharine and clinging episodes and avoid them in the future. Now if we could just get some more Jafar.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency )

Lucifer )

Supernatural )

We have also watched Conviction, which we like despite the unrealistic premises. I blame Hayley Atwell for that. And we are on the last season of Charmed. I find Billie the Teenage Witch incredibly annoying. And I guess her sister will turn out to be this season Big Bad. And we have seen a couple of more episodes of Luke Cage and quite like it.

American Horror Story )

Grimm )
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I know, another what I have been watching, already, but I’m not having the best of weeks. Spoilers ahead, at least for AHS and The Strain.

Victoria )

Charmed )

American Horror Story )

The Strain )

Class )

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