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[ profile] sallymn asked What are your favourite costumes in fantasy TV/film?

When it comes to the movies, I say Sleepy Hollow. I know it is set in 1799, but the costumes are largely 1770’s, with Lady Van Tassel’s clothes being pure fantasy. And Ichabod Crane’s mother wear a gown which is 1720’s, or so. Also, ghosts and witches. And it looks fantastic! So many lovely details and the costumes really enhances the story.

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[personal profile] sallymn asked What are your favourite costumes in fantasy TV/film?

When it comes to the movies, I say Sleepy Hollow. I know it is set in 1799, but the costumes are largely 1770’s, with Lady Van Tassel’s clothes being pure fantasy. And Ichabod Crane’s mother wear a gown which is 1720’s, or so. Also, ghosts and witches. And it looks fantastic! So many lovely details and the costumes really enhances the story.

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[personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz asked If you were a mythological creature, what kind would you be and why?

A dragon! I’ve loved dragons since I was a small child. I always felt it must be fun to be able to breathe fire and fly.

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[personal profile] thisbluespirit : What's your favourite historical outfit you've made? (Please provide pictures if possible!)

My favourite outfit is a 1790’s ensemble. Short blue velvet jacket, blue grey skirt in silk taffeta and a sash in two-toned silk taffeta (pink and yellow). To this I wear a large hat and long tan gloves. I have yet to work up the confidence to show my face here, but I can show you the inspiration; At the Entrance by Louis-Léopold Boilly (1796-98).

I switched colour on jacket and sash as I already had blue velvet in my stash. And I already has taffeta for the skirt in almost the exact same colour as the painting. Sewing projects can be very time consuming, but this one just flowed and I was finished over a weekend. I always feel very pretty when I wear it.

Here’s the original meme. Feel free to ask my something if you want to.

Give me a topic to talk about and I promise to try and post about it sometime in the near future.
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I did The Talking Meme some time ago, but found the idea of doing it every day for a month a bit challenging. So I'm gakking [personal profile] thisbluespirit's version:

Give me a topic to talk about and I promise to try and post about it sometime in the near future.

Go ahead, ask me anything you want. :)
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[ profile] flirting asked: What is your all time favorite book?

Ooooh, that is so hard to answer. But if I have to settle for one, then it would be Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers. I read it for the first time when I was fourteen, didn’t understand half it, but loved dit nevertheless. SInce then it’s been one of my constant re-reads.
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[ profile] icecoldrain asked: If you could have one (unusual) superpower, what would it be?

Hmm, super speed, I think. It would be nice to be able to do all household chores super fast to make more room for fun things.
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[ profile] velvetwhip asked_Was there a writer who made you want to write? And why.

Not in the sense that I read a particular author and felt: “Aha, I must write”. The closest is probably L. M. Montgomery. Not with Anne Shirley, though she writes and generally is the favourite, but with Emily. I always liked Anne, but her journey is one of the odd one who learns to adapt and fit in. Emily is much queerer and much more stubborn. Even Emily as an adult is seen as a peculiar person and she doesn’t seem to mind. And the way the need to write was described in the Emily-books was something that always stayed with me. And it’s something I understand- the need to express yourself with words and the sense of loss when one can’t.
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I’m one day late but I was floored with some kind of tummy trouble yesterday. You don’t want to know the details.

[ profile] a_phoenixdragon asked: Do you have any bad habits you've tried to kick? Or any that you did?

I’m perfect and I don’t need to change anything! ;) Well, let’s see. I have never smoked and drink very little, so I have had kick those habits. I don’t really have any bad habits I try to get rid of, more that I try to maintain some good ones. Like regular exercise. I’m not an athletic by nature, but I know that if I move moderately I feel better and sleep better too. Before my lungs started to act up on me I had a good routine that included lots of walking and doing about 40 minutes on my exercise bike four times a week. (I watched a good show while I did it) I had managed to maintain that for a year and lost 20 pounds on the way despite not really having that as a goal. But after having been ill and getting asthma along the way, it’s been very hard to get back into that habit. I walk a lot again thanks to my dogs and I try to do Pilates once a week, which helps, but I would like to get the habit of the exercise bike again. As it is now I usually remember way too late in the evening that I was supposed to and I haven’t found any good trick to get me back on track.

Now I remember a bad habit I kicked. When I was seventeen I got in the habit to buy candy to eat on my way home from school. I have never had a sugar tooth, but I developed one now, to a point that when I was running late one day and didn’t have time to buy candy, I felt irritated and annoyed all the way home. So I went cold turkey and really had some sugar withdrawal for about a week, then it stopped. And though I occasionally eat dark chocolate and a few time of year licorice, I have never developed a taste for sweet stuff again.
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[ profile] 1_rhiannon_1 asked: What made you smile today?

My dogs. My husband was out with them when I got up and they came back home when I was eating breakfast. So they were hugely overjoyed over finding me awake at the same time as they were eyeing my breakfast and wondering if I might give them some.
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[ profile] verdande_mi asked: What is you favourite poem/song lyrics in Swedish?

I think it must be Trollbunden by Karin Boye, a poem about unrequited love.

När du är borta, hungrar så vilt min själ.
När du är nära, längtar jag likaväl --
förtvivlad ser jag,
stelnad, sluten,
hur tom och fåfäng
flyr minuten.

Ditt väsens stolta kungliga blomdoft fin
jag ville hemligt dricka, ett heligt vin --
men dödstung står jag
som i drömmar,
med törst som Tantalos
i klara strömmar.

I ensamhetens tid har min tunga bränt
att säga dig det vackra jag drömt och känt --
men i din närhet
min tanke somnar,
min port är stängd,
och hjärtat domnar.

And here is an English translation, made by Jenny Nunn, which is quite good.


When you are away, my soul hungers wildly.
When you are close, I long for you just as much -
in despair I see,
numb, secluded,
how empty and futile
is the minute which goes by.

Your essence of proud and regal perfumes fine
I secretly wanted to drink, a sacred wine -
but I stand heavy as death
as in dreams,
with a thirst like Tantalos
in clear streams.

In times of solitude my tongue has burned
to tell you of the beautiful thing I have dreamt and felt
but when I am near you
my thoughts slumber,
my door is closed,
and my heart is numb.
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20: [ profile] lycoris asked: If you had a time machine where would you choose to go and visit with it and why?

Visit is the key word- I wouldn’t want to live in it. I would take my husband to the 18th century and go on all of Mozart’s opera premieres. And I would take my friends C and K and go fabric shopping in just about any decade.

And I wouldn't mind taking a trip to London in 1483 and find out who really killed the princes in the Tower as the question of Richard III’s guilt in that case was the first historical mystery I was hooked on.
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[ profile] zhelana aksed: Do you collect anything? This prompt should include pictures.

No, I don’t. I used to as a kid. Then I collected dolls in folk costumes from different countries, porcelain cats, paper dolls and embossed, die-cut paper scrap pictures. For example. I still have those collections, but they are packed down. As a young adult I didn’t have the money for collecting anything and when I finally had the money for it, I made the conscious decision to not start any new collections. I understand the joy of it, but I also feel I have too much stuff already and I don’t need more stuff. I have lots and lots of books and fabric, but they arenät really collected. And the fabrics gets made into clothes eventually.
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I got a bit overwhelmed by stuff this week. Not bad stuff, but a lot of it. So I will try to keep up with my questions and be a bit slow in commenting. I’ll be back in full swing on Monday

[ profile] verdande_mi What is your favourite and least favourite part of living in Sweden?

I’m not sure these are my absolute favourite/least favourite, but they are highs and lows on my list.

I like our taxes. They give us free medical care. I feel rather appalled when my friends in other countries has to worry over not being able to get the medical care they need.Our taxes also gives us free education. They gives parents the right to stay at home with their baby for the first 18 months. (You get 480 days with about 77% of your salary which is 16 months, but you still have the right to stay at home for 18.) Of course taxes pays a whole lot of other things, but those are the ones I’m most proud of.

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[ profile] the_moonmoth asked: If you could have any author (pro or fanfic) write a story to your specifications, who would it be, and what would the story be about?

Last year I read a Doctor Who short story written by Neil Gaiman called Nothing O’Clock. (You can read an excerpt here.) It features Eleven and Amy Pond and a very creepy monster called The Kin and I enjoyed it a lot..I would love to read more Who stories by Gaiman. No specification needed- I’d be happy with anything.
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[ profile] creascendo asked: Of the clothing you made for yourself (or anyone else), which one are you proudest of, and why?

The first piece of clothing I ever sew. I was twelve and it was a circle skirt in brown cotton, patterned to look like a quilt. I made it in school and it was so difficult and I was so proud when I had finished it. I loved it and wore it constantly until I had grown too big for it.
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[ profile] thenewbuzwuzz asked: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

A cat! At least one of mine. To quote Prince george in Blackadder; “As far as I'm concerned life is a big palace full of food, drink, and comfy sofas.” Which pretty much sums up their life. And spending the summers on an island in the archipelago.
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7: [ profile] bearshorty asked Places you would love to travel to.

I want to go to Spain. More specifically to Barcelona and down south to visit Alhambra. Prague is very high on my list too. I want to go to Egypt and Turkey, only not right now. Revisiting Italy in general, but especially Florens which I haven’t been to yet. Scotland- I have been to Edinburgh, but I want to see a bit more. I have been to, but would like to visit again; London, Bath, Paris and New York.

As you can surmise my idea of a holiday is not a beach somewhere, but cities.
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[ profile] snogged asked: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

I don’t read much comics and I have never been that keen on superheroes, but as a kid I loved The Phantom. Mainly, I think that because it’s a hereditary position there was a lot of adventures about previous Phantoms during various epochs. I always loved the historical adventures the most. I haven’t read a Phantom comic in years, though. I think I would be rather put off by the premises of a superior white man in Africa now.
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[ profile] sallymn asked: How do you think you'd fit into your favourite fannish show as a character?

That would be Doctor Who and how well I would fit would probably depend on the Doctor. I think I would get along with One and be a bit exasperated by Two. Three and I would get along splendidly, I am sure, but probably not so much with Four. Five’s vagueness would make my inner bossiness emerge with a vengeance and I would walk out on Six the first time he comes with a derogatory remark about my person. I hate being manipulated, so I don’t think I would go on well with Seven and I would probably have to fight my maternal instinct when it comes to Eight. I think I would like None, but he would find me boring. Ten is far too angsty for me and Eleven would drive me bonkers. I think I would get along very well with Twelöve, though. (None of these opinion reflect how much I like a Doctor, but how their personalities would fit with mine.)

I wouldn’t be a very good companion, though. I don’t like running and I’m not an adrenaline junkie. Constant danger would just stress me out. But I think I would fit quite well working at UNIT.

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