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I had Doctor Who dream last night which was so vivid I had to think a little to realise it was a real dream and not an old episode. I think it could very well be a pretty good beginning for a fanfic- If I could only come up with what should happen

I dreamt Three and Jo Grant was visiting a planet which was completely covered in an ocean. People lived where the water was most shallow- 15-20 inches deep. The water was warm and the sea floor covered with white, soft sand, here and there interspersed with brightly coloured seaweed. On the whole, the ocean was turquoise and green, and the sky very blue. People lived quite far from each other, even in their cities, with at least 100 yards between houses. They were built in stone in white and pink shades, and there or four stories high. As the bottom floor was covered with water all the furniture there had very high legs.

Three and Jo was very warmly received and given a house of their own. Three seemed to enjoy himself and waded around with his trousers rolled up to his knees. Jo we thankful for her short skirts, but by nighttime, she felt her toes were turning into raisins and opted to sleep on the second floor, while the Three stayed downstairs. Jo’s room was large with a high ceiling and large french windows opening out to a balcony which ran around the whole house. She was just getting into bed when she smelled cigar smoke and when she looked out she found Delgado!Master smoking, leaning against the rail.

And then I, most annoyingly, woke up before I could find out what nefarious plans he had.
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I think my brain is desperately trying to make sense of the world, because my dreams have been even more coherent than usual lately. This is what I dreamt toníght. It was not the most scary nightmare I have ever had, but the feeling of it was so desperately sad, all through. It was the kind of dream when you are an invisible onlooker.

A man is sitting in a tower room. He is middle-age and not attractive, dressed in something which looks medieval. He is also wearing a heavy stone collar, chained to his body. The room is very cold and you can see it’s winter outside. He has been writing, but is now playing with a small iron rod, slightly bent and with knotted ends. He looks very serious. My dream-me knows the man has been sentenced for a terrible crime, something which has killed a lot of people. But as he used to be a man of importance he has been allowed to make three stipulations. To decide which day he is to be executed, and he has just decided- it’s going to be the next day. To be imprisoned in this stone tower, which is why he is wearing the stone collar. The tower has a deep well in the cellar and the collar is to make sure the man drowns if he tries to flee that way. And last he is to have the company of a young woman. As the woman is clearly very unhappy, everyone think he is abusing her.

The man is a magician and as he sits there he has a vision of the woman escaping the tower and running away. It’s not for real, in the vision it is summer and the woman wears a white gown with blue flowers. She also have long dark hair hanging down her back. The man knows this is what the woman most wants to do. But when he leaves the room she is sitting outside room waiting for him. She wears a blue wool coat and a red scarf. She smiles at him and my dream-me realises that what everyone thinks about them are wrong.

It’s not the magician who has killed all those people, but a demon. The reason to why the killings have stopped is because he has managed to temporarily bind it to the well. But the spell will be broken when he dies and that’s why he hasn’t set his date to execution until now- he has tried to find a way to kill the demon for good. The woman knows all this, they are friends and her unhappiness and wish to escape has nothing to do with him being abusive. She’s unhappy because the only was the magician has found to defeat the demon is if because someone agrees to sacrifice themselves, and it can’t be the magician who has to say the spell. So she has agreed to it. But both knows that no one will ever find out the truth and the next day everyone will think the magician has killed the woman because he is evil.

The dream ended with the magician sitting down beside her and she takes his hand. And it’s so cold their breath is all white around their faces.

After this my brain relented and gave me a nice dream where I went to a Voltaire-concert. Though I have to question my subconscious idea to place the concert in an oriental coffee shop and give me bright blue stockings to a goth-dress up...

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